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tasmanian liverworts - jungermannia

chandonanthus squarrosus

Chandonanthus squarrosussa
1. Chandonanthus squarrosus details


We initially mistook this for a moss because of the appearance of radial leafing but shaving off part of the stem revealed two rows of leaves as well as one row of underleaves with heavy stem paraphyllia

Engel & Glenny's description (and accompanying drawing) has 4-7 small oil bodies occupying a small part of the cell lumen. Our specimen (pix 3) has oil bodies nearly filling the lumen; the underleaves (pix 4) have up to 8 oil bodies taking up virtually all the space in the cells. We have no idea what to make of this discrepancy.

The first specimen we encountered was growing on a rotting log under fairly dense cover. Second specimen was growing on the south side of a shaded exposed rock together with Lepicolea scolopendra and Huperzia varia.

Chandonanthus squarrosus leaf
2. leaf
Chandonanthus squarrosus leaf
3. lateral leaf cells
Chandonanthus squarrosus leaf
4. underleaf cells
Chandonanthus squarrosus habit
5. habit

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- Schuster, R.M., The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America II, Columbia University Press, 1969 (ISBN 0231089821) p. 241 f.

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