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tasmanian liverworts - metzgeriaceae

metzgeria species

In the absence of a key to Tasmanian Metzgeria a tentative (artificial) version has been compiled using as the basis ML So's revision1 for Australasia in conjunction with the Checklist2 and Meagher's key3 for Victorian species.

1. gemmae submarginal, originating 2-4 cells from recurved dorsal margin - M. submarginata
    gemmae not as above - 2

2. thallus lobed and saccate - M. saccata
    thallus not lobed or saccate - 3

3. hairs weakly to distinctly falcate, mostly paired; mid-rib with 2-3 cells dorsally & ventrally - M. leptoneura
    hairs not falcate, paired and/or single - 4

4. dorsal mid-rib of 2(-3) cells, 2-4 on ventral side; marginal hairs usually single - M. furcata*
    dorsal midrib with 3(-4) cells, 4-6 on ventral side - M.rigida

* Meagher considers the possibility that M. furcata with 3(-4) cells on the ventral mid-rib may be distinct from M. decipiens which has only two. The Checklist includes M. conjugata which shares somewhat similar mid-rib cell arrangement.

We have also an unusual minute specimen which lacks bifurcation. We have yet to determine where it fits into the picture.

Metzgeria decipiens
1. M. decipiens
Metzgeria furcata
2. M. furcata
Metzgeria saccata
3. M. saccata

- 1 So, M.L., Metzgeria (Hepaticae) in Australia and the Pacific', New Zealand Journal of Botany, 2002, Vol.40:603-627
- 2 McCarthy, P.M., Checklist of Australian liverworts and hornworts, 2006
- 3 Meagher, D. 'Studies on Victorian Bryophytes 6. Key to thallose liverworts and hornworts', Victorian Naturalist Vol. 123(4) August 2006 p 251
- So, M.L., 'Metzgeria submarginata sp. nov., a 'new' species from Australia and New Zealand' New Zealand Journal of Botany, 2002, Vol. 40: 201-205
- da Costa, D.P., 'Morphology of Metzgeria conjugata Lindb. (Metzgeriales, Hepaticopsida)' Tropical Bryology 6: 65-69, 1992 has a description of M. conjugata

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