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tasmanian liverworts - plagiochilacea

plagiochila circinalis (formerly 110908D)

Plagiochila circinalis
1. Habit as epiphyte with leaf details


This has recently been identified for us as Plagiochila circinalis. Thanks to MR. species we have not been able to identify as yet.

Interestingly it had mature sporophytes in September, as had another species we discovered a few weeks earlier. P. fragmentissima.

Plagiochila circinalis leaf cells
2. leaf cells
Plagiochila 110723A capsule walls
3. capsue walls
Plagiochila circinalis spore
4. spore
Plagiochila circinalis elaters
5. elaters


- Inoue, H. & Schuster, R.M., 1971, 'A Monograph of the New Zealand and Tasmanian Plagiochilaceae', J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 34:1-225, f.1-77 provides a key to Tasmanian species
- Meagher, D, & Fuhrer, B., A Field Guide to the Mosses and Allied Plants of Southern Australia, (ISBN 0 642 56828 6), Flora of Australia Supplementary Series, Number 20 - Australian Biological Resources Study/The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, 2003

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