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tasmanian mosses - grimmiaceae

bucklandiella chlorocarpa

Bucklandiella chlorocarpa (Syn. Racomitrium chlorocarpum)


We collected this speciemen several years ago and have finally been able to put a handle to it with the publication of a new key¹ to the Australasian genus.

Specimen was collected growing on a riverside rock subject to occasional immersion in flood when the river turns into a raging torrent. It is possibly the only member of the genus in Tasmania that sports twin (multiple?) sporophytes from perichaetia.

It is reported to be an Australasian endemic and ecological counterpart of B. lamprocarpa from the western hemisphere. It has been known under several names in the past and an attempt² has been made to resolve the confusion.

Polish taxonomists are currently preparing a description of this species.

References -
- ¹Bednarek-Ochyra, H et al - 'Bucklandiella seppeltii, a new species of Grimmiaceae from Australasia, and its phylogenetic position based on molecular data', Turkish Journal of Botany, 2014, p. 1214-1228 (pdf file 2.4MB)
- ²Bednarek-Ochyra, H, 'Nomenclatural entanglements associated with Racomitrium chlorocarpum (Grimmiaceae)' Phytotaxa, 2014, p. 153-161 (pdf file 0.63 MB)

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