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tasmanian mosses - grimmiaceae

bucklandiella didyma


Bucklandiella didyma


It is only in recent years that this moss has been segregated from the Racomitrium genus and placed under Bucklandiella.
It passed off as B. emersa for a few years until the determiation that it was conspecific with B. didyma from South America, the latter name taking precedence because it was described earlier. A taxonomic paper on the subject is in preparation.

A key¹ to Australasian Bucklandiella has been included in the reference below.

- ¹Ochyra, R et al - 'Bucklandiella seppeltii, a new species of Grimmiaceae from Australasia, and its phylogenetic position based on molecular data', Turkish Journal of Botany, 2014, p. 1214-1228 (pdf file 2.4MB)

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