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tasmanian mosses - grimmiaceae

grimmia 140125B

Grimmia 140125B

1. Grimmia 140125B details

Expert opinion based on the the images 1 & 2 here is that this could be a Grimmia or a Dryptodon.

costa section

2. costa section

This specimen proved difficult to key out. If we use the Flora of North America¹ key or that in The Illustrated Moss Flora of Antarctica² this should fall into sub-family Racomitrioideae on the basis of a coloured band of cells at lamina base and adaxial cells in proximal costa section being much larger than abaxial cells (pix 2). It could be narrowed further to Bucklandiella on the basis of having smooth laminal cells.

However the long sinuose cells typical of Bucklandiella are lacking at mid-leaf and what we have is the short waisted cells typical of Grimmia/Guembelia (pix 1, top left).


3. gemma

We checked with an expert on the family and the opinion was that this was either a Grimmia (austrofunalis?) or a Dryptodon but it was impossible to give a determination without viewing the specimen.

Specimen has been lodged with HO.

- ¹Flora of North America Vol. 27 p. 266 (ISBN-10: 0195318234) republished in efloras
- ²Ochyra, R, et al, The Illustrated Moss Flora of Antarctica, Cambrige University Press, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-521-81402-7) has an extensive section discussing the family Grimmiaceae pp 219-310

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