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natural history: insects

We present a page of insect thumbnails linked to larger images. These have been selected from the main insects page to demonstrate common species seen on the Blue Tier.

Myrmecia forficata

Apis mellifera
Honey Bee

Bombus terrestris

Elatichrosis sp.
(unidentified species)

Hoplogonus simsoni
Simson's Stag Beetle

Mordella promiscua
Pintail Beetle

Phyllotocus rufipennis
Nectar Scarab

Ecnolagria grandis
Honeybrown Beetle

Geitoneura klugii
Klug's Xenica

Vanessa kershawi
Australian Painted Lady

Vanessa itea
Australian Admiral

Graphium macleayanus
Macleay's Swallowtail

Austrogomphus guerini
Yellow-striped Hunter

Scaptia sp.?
March Fly

Tasmaniacris tasmaniensis
Tasmanian Grasshopper

Caedicia simplex
Bush Katydid

Chauliognathus lugubris
Soldier Beetle

Notius depressus
Flat Shield Bug

Daptolestes limbipennis
Robber Fly

Auplopus sp.
Black Spider Wasp

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