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natural history: club mosses

Lycopsida - a fern ally

This small group of plants were at one time confused with mosses in that they share in common possession of unbranched veins on the leaf. However true ferns carry spores on the underside of fronds while lycopods generally have theirs along axils of specialized leaves - the 'clubs' which provide the common name.

During pre-historic times their ancestors formed a large part of the flora which are now being mined as coal.

L. fastigatum is fairly common over the Blue Tier; with the exception of L. scariosum the others are found growing at several locations.

Huperzia varia (Long Clubmoss): grows on the ground as well as on trees and on rocks

Lycopodium deuterodensum (Conifer Clubmoss) grows beside the main road to Poimena as well as along the 3-notches track and near Australia Hill

Lycopodium fastigatum (Mountain Clubmoss): common around Poimena

Lycopodium scariosum (Spreading Clubmoss): uncommon; small population growing along 3-notches track
Lycopodiella lateralis
Lycopodiella lateralis (Slender Club Moss) - found growing in abandoned tin mine workings off Blue Tier


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