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natural history: hibbertia rufa

plant long considered extinct in Tasmania ...

Hibbertia rufa flower

The last collection of Hibbertia rufa in Tasmania was made by Rodway in 1892, around Georges Bay on the east coast; the plant has not been reported sighted since, and has been considered by many to have become extinct locally. (Mainland populations are thriving.)

On December 1, 2008 Roy Skabo rediscovered the species growing close to Doctor's Peak near the Gardens off St. Helens. Specimens were positively identified by A. Buchanan of Tasmanian Herbarium and by H. Toelken of Herbarium of South Australia, so we have reason to rejoice in the discovery of a plant given up as extinct locally.

We were pleased to accompany Roy to the area on 21 December and discovered several plants growing in the vicinity. Plants are small and low growing amongst other vegetation - it was only the presence of the small yellow flowers that gave them any prominence.
We bring you the first images of this plant ...

Hibbertia rufa plant
The diminutive plant
R Skabo with Hibbertia rufa
Roy Skabo photographing the plants

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