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Following is a partial listing of dicotyledons found growing on the Blue Tier of Tasmania. It is work in progress - the list is expected to expand over the years and images added as they become available.
Nomenclature follows that provided by Tasmanian Herbarium, Web Edition, 2009.
Key: (e) = endemic; (i) = introduced

ordered by family

* there is a proposal to subsume members of EPACRIDACEAE family under ERICACEAE

- University of Tasmania provides a Key to Tasmanian Dicotyledons for identification.
- Tasmanian Herbarium provides A Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania; we use the 2009 Web Edition as arbiter where a plant may be known by several names.
- Understorey Network has comprehensive notes on many plant species listed here as well as others growing elsewhere in Tasmania.

- W. M. Curtis, The Students' Flora of Tasmania
- Launceston Field Naturalist Club, A Guide to Flowers & Plants of Tasmania, ed. M. Cameron
- Roberts, J. & Whiting, J., Tasmania's Natural Flora - ISBN 10: 0646439162

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