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Image of Gloria Andrews before her arrest

Gloria Andrews posing on the Anchor Road just before her arrest.

She has been charged with blockading trucks removing logs from the Anchor Road coupe on 4 May 2004.

Defendant was arraigned on 3rd June at St. Helens and on the advice of J. Avery, Q.C., acting pro bono publico, entered a plea of not guilty. Case was set over for further proceedings on July 7, 2004.

UPDATE 2004/07/07: committal hearings has been set for 16 September, 2004

UPDATE 2004/09/16: charges dismissed

gloria's story

The Blue Tier is a very special place for me and the reason for my protest is that the environment is being destroyed, which in turn is destroying my cultural heritage. As a Tasmanian Aboriginal person, I have a very strong connection to the land and for this reason I find the current forestry practices obscene. I felt that I had to make a stand for what I believe in. I abhor the mutilation of the forests, animal life and habitat and the destruction of water quantity and quality. These practices need to be changed before it is too late for the benefit of all

Our water is the most precious commodity on earth and we take it for granted that it will be there forever; one day we will stop and realize that this is not the case. We have to take a stand now and start to look after it for without it we cannot survive. Prevention is better than a cure.

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