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save the Blue Tier

big snowy

of Big Snowy, the Wombat

- sandy winstanley

Big snowy the white wombat
Lived on the Blue Tier,
In a forest so peaceful
And its air so clear.

One day while sleeping
He awoke with a start,
He heard loud angry noises
That brought fear to his heart.

He ran from his burrow
But stood frozen in fear
As the big roaring monster
Came lurking so near.

The monster's great arm
Reached right past his head
And ripped at a tree
Till its life's blood was shed.

Big Snowy took flight
But which way to run
The monster was so big
It was blocking the sun.

He turned and he ran
But looked back once more,
To see his home smashed
To the forest floor.

Big Snowy cried out
In anguish and fear
And ran through the forest
But the road was so near.

He didn't hear the log truck
That was hurtling past,
It couldn't stop for Big Snowy
It was going too fast.

Big Snowy's life
Was ebbing away
As he looked up at his forest
From the road where he lay.

My Myrtle and Sassafras
Tree Fern and Gum,
Your fate is sealed
For you cannot run.

The monster lurks near
And has no heart at all,
It will eat you all up
'Til there's none left to fall.

Warn all the critters
To run while they can
Away from the monster
That is driven by man.

I must leave you now
My eagle has come,
He's taking me home
For my time is done.

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