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Image of Sharlene King before her arrest

Sharlene King posing on the Anchor Road with an orphan joey just before her arrest.

She has been charged with blockading trucks removing logs from the Anchor Road coupe on 4 May 2004.

Defendant was arraigned on 3rd June at St. Helens and on the advice of J. Avery, Q.C., acting pro bono publico, entered a plea of not guilty. Case was set over for further proceedings on July 7, 2004.

UPDATE 2004/07/07: committal hearings has been set for 16 September, 2004

UPDATE 2004/09/16: charges dismissed

sharlene's story

We live on an Amazing and Beautiful planet, with WATER, PLANTS and ANIMALS.
This is Unique in our Solar System and possibly the UNIVERSE.
Some of these plants and animals have, over many thousands of years, adapted to TASMANIA'S location in the inhospitable Southern Ocean to give us the UNIQUE and DIVERSE ecosystem that we have today.

Unfortunately amongst the BREATHTAKING BEAUTY is DEVESTATION and INHUMANE CRUELTY due to 1080 poisoning; caused by people who are motivated by GREED, and LACKING in FORESIGHT, KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS of the bigger picture!

It is now time to stand up and protect this UNIQUE and DIVERSE ecosystem that cannot defend itself.

This is why I am "making a stand" for what I believe in. Over the past six years, I have had the PRIVILEGE and PLEASURE to care for some of the orphaned and injured native wildlife from this unique island. I have learned over this time how very AMAZING, INTELLIGENT and COMPASSIONATE they are, and continue to learn more on a daily basis. Yet much of our native wildlife is still treated as a "pest to be eradicated".
When I came to TASMANIA after three and a half years of travelling the world, I was in awe of the untouched forests and abundance of wildlife.

Today is a different story.

Everyone of us can make a difference but we need to take ACTION.
Unless we make the effort to get our voices heard.
Nothing will change!!!

"One day we will awaken to find that our wildlife heritage has been stolen from us by those who know the price of every creature, but the value of none."
- John Hoyt, President, Humane Society International.


Platypus (listed as vulnerable), Tasmanian Devils, Tiger Quolls, Eastern Barred Bandicoots (listed as threatened), Tasmanian Wedgetail Eagles (listed as vulnerable - shy nesters that will often desert their nest if disturbed by land clearing; each pair needs more than 10 ha of surrounding forest for nesting; only about 100 breeding pairs left in Tasmania), Grey Goshawks, Tasmanian Pademelons, Bennets Wallabies, Rare White Wallabies, Wombats, Rare White Wombat (already found dead since logging has started), Echnidas. Pygmy Possums, Brush Tail Possums, Ring Tail Possums, Owls, Bats (8 species occurring in Tasmania, all are fully protected and it is illegal to collect or harm them in any way!!), Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Freshwater Crayfish (listed as vulnerable), NE Forest Snail (listed in the RFA as a species requiring consideration due to slow recovery time from logging operations, and perceived restricted habitat and environmental sensitivity. The species is likely to be eliminated by clearfelling and associated hot regeneration burns, and by plantation establishment. It may take at least 90 years following clearfelling and burning for the species to fully recover in regenerated forests.) Simpsons Stag Beetle
And the list goes on ..........

Most of these animals are nocturnal, so when logging through the day these animals are asleep in Trees, Tree hollows, Fallen logs and Burrows.

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