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save the Blue Tier

blue tier mandalas

introducing the blue tier mandalas - frances coghlan

Image of Blue Tier Leaf Mandala

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These beautiful mandalas were created by Skye from Derby, Tasmania; she has designed unique, spiritual patterns for our Blue Tier Nature Recreation Area.

We can all agree that within our minds and feelings the Blue Tier N.R.A. is a fact. It is preserved, protected and a special place for future generations. This is the vision Friends of the Blue Tier hold over the Blue Tier and foothills. The more people hold this vision, the more solid it will become. Coming together as a supportive, loving and cohesive community group takes the edge off feelings of impotency and despair.

Being a visionary can be a thankless and misunderstood vocation, but the 'them/us' dichotomy is a vitally important part of our species and its ongoing evolvement. Can you imagine life without 'them/us'?

I give myself a good 'talking to' whenever these feelings threaten to overwhelm my peace of mind! Facing life with the knowledge that our precious ecosystems and water catchments are being trashed by personal and corporate greed can be a recipe for anguish and negativity ..... but ..... remember ..... if one allows these feelings to take control, then the destructive force gains, not one but two victories - destroying the forests and your peace of mind. Don't let it wreck your day!!!

  of another Blue Tier Mandala

The thrashing dinosaurs of unsustainable commerce pass - our planet and all the myriad lifeforms upon, within and around it create a wonderful, regenerating and evolving entity.

We are all connected.

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