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Image of Denny Walter

Denny Walter photographed at the Mothers Day picnic at Lottah.

Break O'Day's 'Tasmanian of the Year' has been charged with trespass at the Anchor Road coupe on 15 April 2004.

Defendant was arraigned on 3rd June at St. Helens and on the advice of J. Avery, Q.C., acting pro bono publico, entered a plea of not guilty. Case was set over for further proceedings on July 7, 2004.

UPDATE 2004/07/07: committal hearings has been set for 16 September, 2004

UPDATE 2004/09/16: charges dismissed

denny's story

Roger McDonald in his book The Tree in Changing Light writes "..... in an ancient forest, a degree of self regulation will prevail and it will be as if the human hand played no part in the organization of the place."

This best summarises my thoughts and feelings as I joined Lesley and Beris behind the boom gate. A greater Blue Tier reserve (even with rapidly healing scars of human interference) is essential as the life blood of the St. Helen's Community as well as a place for peaceful stimulation and refreshment in this chaotic world of greed, cruelty and aggression.

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