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gift to the japanese

of land given to the Japanese in perpetuity

Map of land that Steve Cameron gave to the Japanese students in perpetuity with boundary outlined in yellow. Measurements are in links, 100 links approximating 20 m.
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steve cameron's statement

The block of land is situated at the top of Anchor Road on the lower side of the road.

It contains a mix of old growth and regrowth wet eucalypt forest with a mixed understory of manferns (many over five metres tall), myrtle, sassafras, blackwood, native pepper and many other species.

This forest is seen by everyone who drives through the town of Lottah, fronting Lottah Road and Anchor Road. It also contains a water-race and other mining relics (steel wheels, etc.). There are two small creeks which start on the block and comprises of tributaries to the Groom River.

I intend to hand this land over to a group of professors and students based at Hobart University; this group will study the forest over many years and will be responsible for its future preservation.

Ideally, this forest will become a public reserve available for botanic interpretation and of archaeological interest and may eventually have a public walk with tree species, ages, etc. displayed.

This land is not intended to be sold and will be held in trust by these people and available for public access and as such will be an asset to the Break O'Day municipality forever.

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