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2004/06/06 - The loggers and associated machinery left a week or so ago and we were able to survey the debris on GC134D. They appear to have left in a hurry because there is a quantity of logs remaining after their departure - we are uncertain if the crew is planing a return to recover the logs remaining on the coupe.

We will be happy to publish Forestry Tasmania's explanation ( usual 5 lines :) )

[click on thumbprints for largr images]

Image of
logs left on roadside

One of many perfectly good logs suitable for chipping left to rot on roadside. These were fallen several months prior to logging during the roading stage, and are located less than 200 m from the landing.

Image of manfern casualty

'Collateral damage' - double headed manfern amongst many fallen on coupe GC134D.

Image of saplings harvested for pulp

Saplings which would have made fine mill logs in 30-40 years harvested for the chip mill.

Image of log left after harvest

With a rotting heart this log would not be acceptd by timber mills but that is no reason why it cannot be used for chipping.

Image of another log left behind

And yet another log left behind after the loggers have left.

of mill log left behind

Here we have a perfectly good mill log left after the operation.

of more mill logs left behind

And more mill logs ..... these are around 1m at the base.


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