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♫ haiku day ♫

Tasmanian Living Writers Week 2006 - 19 August

With the reading of short poems on the theme of wind or water, 'kaze', 'mizu' in Japanese or 'feng sui' in Chinese, blending with the soundscape of Kodama Forest, Blue Tier celebrated the creative inspirations gained from the natural world and expressed conservation commitment across culture.
More than 50 wind bells (Japanese furin, some of them were donated by Mizusawa City) with hanging poems were displayed in Kodama - a place of cross-cultural collaboration where a Japanese water harp (suikinkutsu) was installed recently as a symbol of friendship and commitment. With the suikinkutsu we hear the sound of water, with furin the sound of wind and with poetry reading, we co-create the windscape of kodama.

Thanks to Arts@Work through Arts Tasmania and Tasmanian Regional Arts for their generous support of this cross cultural project for Living Writers Week 2006.

nihonngo [click on images for larger versions]

Kumi and Lorraine started threading the bells the previous day - here they are working in the Blue Tier caravan.

Followed by suspending them beween trees surrounding the suikinkutsu

Tony Goodfellow, who has become our regular MC

Kumi Kato, who organized the event and obtained the bells from her hometown in Japan

Gloria Andrews representing the Meenamata Tribe welcoming visitors to the Blue Tier

Lila Meleisea providing music

And now for a word from our sponsor: Lillian Wong from Arts Tasmania - Arts@Work

Mimori Ishikawa
aka 'The Bandaid Kid'
making friends with Beris Hansberry and Marli

Kotaro Kake and Tatsuro Amano helping prepare lunch after the poetry session


Group photo of visitors with locals


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