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17 December, 2016


Friends of the Blue Tier invite you to join us for a walk on the Tier

Meet at Poimena (on top of the Tier) @ 11am

Come along and enjoy one (or more) of the 10 fantastic walks on the Blue Tier

Support Friends of the Blue Tier by purchasing a recycled 'Friends of the Blue Tier' T-Shirt for just $4 (kids and adult sizes available)

Also available: Tea, coffee and cake, Northeast Forest Snail brooches, 'Friend of the Blue Tier' stickers .


Friends of the Blue Tier are dedicated to gaining the permanent protection of the Blue Tier as part of the proposed Northeast Highlands National Park. The Blue Tier encompasses the headwaters of 6 river systems (Ansons, Great Musselroe, Groom, Ransom, Frome and Wyniford), and provides habitat for numerous threatened and rare species including the Northeast Forest Snail, Simpsons Stag Beetle, Goshawk and Spotted Tail Quoll. The north and southeast slopes of the Blue Tier are recognised as glacial refugia, having survived the last ice-age, and contain a wide range of plant species. The Blue Tier forests are an important carbon store and the native forest continues to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.


The walks Trail head Approx. distance Track grade
Goblin Forest 500 m loop wheel chair access Poimena
Anchor Stamper 800 m return easy Anchor Road
Halls Falls 2.5 km return easy Anchor Road
Crystal Hill 2.5 km loop easy Lottah Road
Big Tree 3.5 km return moderate Lehners Ridge
Full Moon Valley/Mt. Poimena 3.5 km loop moderate Poimena
Australia Hill 4.5 km loop moderate Poimena
Don Mine/Duco Adit 3.5 km loop moderate/rough Lottah Road
Mt. Michael 3 km loop moderate/boulders Poimena
Blue Tier Descent 10 km one way (to Weldborough) moderate Poimena

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