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General environmental articles

This section is devoted to random articles on the environment from around the world, mainly from the British The Independent and The Guardian.

2017/03/17 - Tasmanian government defends reversing moratorium on logging old growth forests

2016/08/31 - Tasmanian devils rapidly evolving to resist contagious cancer, study finds

2016/07/21 - Full of holes: why Australia's mining boom will leave permanent scars

2016/07/12 - Massive mangrove die-off on Gulf of Carpentaria worst in the world, says expert
Australia’s Other Great Reef Is Also Screwed

2016/06/08 - The Great Barrier Reef: a catastrophe laid bare
The real story on the Great Barrier Reef

2016/05/30 - Australia covered up UN climate change fears for Tasmania forests and Kakadu

2016/05/08 - The Guardian: Australia quietly adds 49 species to threatened and endangered lists

2016/04/30 - The Age: 'Perilous': Bureau of Meteorology boss Rob Vertessy exits with climate warning

2016/04/23 - The Guardian: Tasmania marine heatwave hits seafood industry and puts some species at risk

2016/04/22 - ABC: Global air quality tracker shows parts of Tasmania worse than big cities

2016/04/11 - ABC: Email TasWater emails show company planned to hit back at scientists over contamination studies

2016/03/29 - ABC: Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching at 95 per cent in northern section, aerial survey reveals

2016/03/21 - ABC: Tasmania abandons World Heritage Area logging plans on UNESCO advice

2016/03/15 - The Guardian: Severe coral bleaching worsens in most pristine parts of Great Barrier Reef

2016/02/27 - The Guardian: Tasmania's bushfires: a human-made calamity on par with the razing of Palmyra's temples

2016/02/16 - ABC: Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it 'probably causes cancer'

2016/01/31 - ABC: Email Tasmania fires: First images of World Heritage Area devastation emerge, show signs of 'system collapse'

2016/01/27 - The Guardian: World heritage forests burn as global tragedy unfolds in Tasmania

2016/01/24 - The Guardian: Tasmanian bushfires 'worst crisis in decades' for world heritage forests

2016/01/21 - The Guardian: Logging protesters first to be charged under Tasmania's anti-protest laws
Tasmanian Times: Lapoinya: The Bulldozers move in ...

2015/12/29 - ABC: Tasmanian devils face new cancer threat similar to facial tumour disease

2015/08/11 - ABC: Linc Energy: Secret report reveals toxic legacy of coal gasification trials near SE Queensland town of Chinchilla

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