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General environmental articles

This section is devoted to random articles on the environment from around the world.

2021/12/29 - ‘Matrix of threats’: the precarious plight of Tasmania’s swift parrots

2021/10/06 - Link between native forest logging and bushfires prompts calls for rethink of forest management

2021/09/04 - WWF Australia admitted Tasmanian salmon farms ‘not sustainable’, campaigner says

2021/07/16 - Legal threat stops work on mine project in Tasmania’s Tarkine

2021/07/13 - Windfarm plan could threaten disease-free Tasmanian devil colony, documents reveal

2021/07/12 - Something fishy going on, say books on piscine plundering

2021/06/23 - UNESCO calls on Tasmania to pause development in Wilderness World Heritage Areas

2021/06/22 - Tasmanian devils wipe out thousands of penguins on tiny Australian island

2021/06/18 - Calls for inquiry into legislated and approved animal deterrents following Tasmanian seal deaths

2021.06/06 - Where mining meets rainforest: the battle for Tasmania's Tarkine

2021/05/24 - Fans of Tasmania's Maria Island worry new management plan will lead to tourism overdevelopment

2021/04/23 - Orange-bellied parrots leave Tasmania in biggest ever numbers for annual migration

2021/04/22 - Author Richard Flanagan unleashes tirade against salmon farming industry

2021/04/13 - Only half of Tasmania's development proposals for wilderness disclosed to public

2021/04/11 - Privatising the wilderness: the Tasmanian project that could become a national park test case

2021/02/27 - Tasmania's kelp forests feel the impact of industry of climate change

2021/02/12 - Log truck drivers claim lost income after Bob Brown Foundation protest blocks woodchip mill

2021/02/03 - Bob Brown Foundation loses Federal Court bid to end native forest logging in Tasmania

2021/01/21 - Researchers rejoice at rediscovery of tiny Tasmanian crayfish thought to be extinct

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