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General environmental articles

This section is devoted to random articles on the environment from around the world.

Tasmanian articles

2024/05/09 - Dieback hits Tasmanian forests after dry summer as researchers investigate impact on trees' future

2024/04/03 - Thousands more of Tasmania 'giant' native trees could be spared from logging under policy change

2024/03/17 - Hobart protest rally calls for end to native forest logging in Tasmania, as Liberals vow to increase timber harvest

2024/02/14 - Plibersek can save this wonderland, or give it away with the fairies

2024/02/01 - Bob Brown claims 'huge win' after judge orders logging suspension in area of Tasmania purportedly home to rare swift parrot

2023/11/23 - Salmon farming shutdown to save skate species could be 'catastrophic' for Strahan, locals warn

2023/10/28 - Old tree trucked through Hobart emblematic of damage to Tasmania's native forests, says Bob Brown Foundation

2023/10/21 - Morrisby's gum tree migration project aiming to save endangered Tasmanian species of eucalypt

2023/09/10 - Supermarkets urged to boycott farmed salmon to help save Gondwana relic

2023/08/31 - The massacre of Tasmania's forests could be stopped at any time. Where are Australia’s leaders?

2023/08/16 - ‘National disgrace’: protest after tree estimated to be hundreds of years old cut down in Tasmania

2023/07/29 - Ancient clonal tree, King's lomatia, excites scientists in Tasmania's remote south west

2023/07/26 - Global calls to revoke ‘misleading’ sustainable farming certification for salmon in Tasmania’s Macquarie Harbour

2023/07/01 - Native hens or 'turbo chooks' largely immune from climate change effects, study shows

2023/06/28 - Wildlife photographer arrested in Tasmanian forest where swift parrot habitat is being logged

2023/05/17 - Scientists warn Maugean skate, Tasmania’s ‘thylacine of the sea’, one extreme weather event from extinction

2023/05/03 - Saving the Franklin River

2023/02/27 - Documents reveal Tassal wanted two reports on antibiotic use at salmon farms kept secret

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