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General environmental articles

This section is devoted to random articles on the environment from around the world, mainly from the British The Independent and The Guardian.

2018/12/27 - More than 50 Australian plant species face extinction within decade

2018/12/19 - Turning wilderness into theme parks: the great national parks debate

2018/12/14 - Tall tree Centurion passes 100-metre mark, creating milestone for Tasmanian wilderness

2018/12/10 - Swift parrot habitat vital for survival of species could be destroyed by dam

2018/10/17 - Luxury camp allowed in Tasmanian world heritage area despite expert advice

2018/05/31 - Chinese firm's promises on Tasmanian dairy farm 'not legally binding'

2018/05/25 - King Island birds face extinction without urgent federal help, residents say

2018/04/12 - Court rejects challenge to salmon farm near Tasmanian world heritage area

2018/03/29 - Tasmanian regional forest agreement delivers $1.3bn losses in ‘giant fraud’ on taxpayers

2018/03/03 - Tasmanian election: on all sides, forestry is the issue that dare not speak its name

2018/01/24 - Tasmania: new find of extremely rare red handfish doubles population to 80

2017/11/25 - Giant freshwater crayfish find prompts more calls for Tarkine forest protection

2017/10/22 - Tasmanian giant freshwater lobster: Clock ticking for 'iconic' animal, experts say

2017/10/09 - Tasmanian shy albatross embrace artificial nests in bid to boost population

2017/08/30 - PULP MILL: It’s official. WE WON!!!! We really, really did ...

2017/08/19 - Numbers shrinking for Tasmania's weird but much-loved giant freshwater lobster

2017/07/24 - Mountain bike trail network splits Tasmania's St Helen's community

2017/07/19 - Record-breaking marine heatwave powered by climate change cooks Tasmania's fisheries

2017/06/08 - The Forestry Insanity ...

2017/03/25 - Why reignite Tasmania's forest wars – to produce logs no one will buy?

2017/03/17 - Tasmanian government defends reversing moratorium on logging old growth forests

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