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General environmental articles

This section is devoted to random articles on the environment from around the world.

2023/05/17 - Scientists warn Maugean skate, Tasmania’s ‘thylacine of the sea’, one extreme weather event from extinction

2023/05/03 - Saving the Franklin River

2023/02/27 - Documents reveal Tassal wanted two reports on antibiotic use at salmon farms kept secret

2022/12/21 - Record numbers of critically endangered orange-bellied parrots in Tasmania for breeding season

2022/11/04 - Photographing 'world's biggest blue gum' to shine light on 500yo giant in logging coupe

2022/08/25 - Bureaucrats pushed for swift parrot recovery plan to be changed to play down logging threat
-Tasmania's anti-protest bill targeting environmental protesters has been watered down — here's what happens next

2022/07/26 - Bob Brown Foundation wins legal case against Chinese-owned MMG mine tailings dam approval

2022/07/17 - ‘Inspiring to see’: scientists show how forests of kelp can potentially be brought back to life
- Shot and left to rot: Tasmania grapples with deer dilemma as invasive pest numbers soar

2022/07/03 - 'Heartbreaking': millions of native animals killed under Tasmania's property protection permits

2022/06/05 - Aboriginal elders voice concerns over proposed Tasmanian trek through areas of 'immense importance'

2022/05/17 - Win for environmentalists against Liberal politician John Tucker's bid to clear land

2022/05/16 - Lake Pedder was flooded 50 years ago. Could it be restored to its former glory?

2022/05/04 - Environmentalists say logging in Tasmania has been illegal since 1987.

2022/04/15 - Coalition’s $220m pledge for native forestry 'bad news' for threatened species, conservationists say

2022/04/13 - Bleaching of marine sponges observed in warming Tasmanian waters for the first time

2022/04/07 - Tasmanian government accused of attempting to 'retrospectively' change law to 'legalise' logging

2022/03/13 - ‘Really worth a crack’: bringing Tasmania's giant kelp forests back from the brink

2022/03/03 - More than 100 Tasmanian devils killed on a 25km stretch of road in state's north-west

2022/02/27 - Logging in mountain biking town Derby 'not consistent with the Tasmanian brand', locals say

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