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press release 3 december 2003

Blue Tier Petition Presented At Parliament Today

Two Thousand Tasmanians Can’t Be Wrong .....

The Friends of the Blue Tier petition calling for the preservation of the St Helens Water Catchment and the creation of the Blue Tier Nature Recreation Area was tabled by Peg Putt MHA in the House of Assembly today.

Nearly two thousand Tasmanians signed the petition in the hope that it would signal to the government that the time had come to reassess the Blue Tier area, as is the recommendation under the regional Forest Agreement Final Recommendations Report 1997.

Friends of the Blue Tier spokesperson, Lesley Nicklason said it was a very satisfying way to cap a successful year of profile raising for the Blue Tier region but added there was much more to come.

'This petition is to remind the members of the House of Assembly that there are thousands of Tasmanians who do not agree that woodchipping a tourist icon, such as the Blue Tier, is the way forward,' Ms Nicklason said.

'The State government can amend the RFA at any time to preserve areas that have been left unprotected and that is exactly what common sense dictates should happen with the Blue Tier.

The Final Recommendations Report of the RFA states clearly that when the time comes that the eco tourism potential of the Tier equals the value of clearfelling or mining the Blue Tier region should be reassessed.

That time is now and we are requesting that the government listen to the people and refer the Blue Tier to the RPDC for a Public Land Use Inquiry.

The Friends of the Blue Tier are growing by the day and we will not see our children’s future destroyed without taking a stand,' Ms Nicklason said.

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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