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press release, 5 march, 2004

Manson Misinformation On Forest Practice Plan

But Surprise In Store For Bass District Forester

Friends of the Blue Tier today expressed their astonishment at comments by Bass District Forester in today’s press, in which he asserted that the Blue Tier’s cultural heritage was 'protected' and that the Friends of the Blue Tier 'were provided with a Forest Practice Plan six months ago and expressed no concern'.

Spokesperson Lesley Nicklason revealed today that fully twelve months ago Friends of the Blue Tier traveled to Scottsdale to view the Forest Practice Plan for the Anchor Road coupe and announced to Forestry representatives, Steve Manson and Paul Rosevear, that the group was beginning a paper audit of the coupe and plan.

'We have minutes from the meeting of March 21st, 2003 when we first met with Mr. Manson over the Anchor Road coupe GC134D,\ Ms Nicklason said.

'Steve Manson is well aware that the Friends of the Blue Tier have been, are now and will always be categorically opposed to any clearfelling of the Blue Tier.'

'What he may not be aware of, is that since that meeting, we have had some of the sharpest scientific minds around looking over certain details of the Forest Practice Plan and next week we will be revealing our findings.'

'As far as the Blue Tier heritage being protected Steve Manson has obviously never visited the Anchor Road coupe site. If he had, he would have known that access to the coupe is along the historic Anchor Road, frequently used by tourist operators,' Ms Nicklason said.

'It is used by operators because its just above the historic Anchor stampers site, its just up from the beautiful Groom River bridge and if you stand on top of Australia Hill amidst the natural wonder and heritage of the Tier you look down on the coupe.'

'Its central to the integrity of the Blue Tier and we are going to ensure that it stays that way forever,' Ms Nicklason said

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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