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press release, 9 march, 2004

Break O'Day Council Stand Taller For The Blue Tier

Motion for Moratorium Re-iterated, Legal Opinion To Be Sought

Friends of the Blue Tier this morning said they were elated by the Break O'Day Council reiterating its calls for protection of the Blue Tier with Council now seeking legal opinion into a possible Environmental Protection Notice being issued against forestry activities at the Anchor Road coupe, scheduled for logging in approximately ten days' time.

Friends of the Blue Tier spokesperson Lesley Nicklason, who attended today’s tumultuous Council meeting, welcomed the Councillors’ decision to pursue the matter with the new Environment Minister, Judy Jackson, Forestry Minister, Bryan Green, and Acting Premier Paul Lennon, regarding the request for a Public Land Use Inquiry into the Blue Tier and an immediate moratorium on logging while that Inquiry is undertaken, which is yet to be acknowledged by the State government.

'In December last year the Break O'Day Council sent a formal request to the State government for a Public land Use Inquiry to be initiated, with a logging moratorium in the meantime, yet not only has there not been a reply we now know that logging of this area has been stepped up to commence within ten days,' Ms Nicklason said.

'With logging of this area imminent, it was as a matter of urgency for the Council to repeat its call to the Acting Premier and new Ministers, Judy Jackson and Bryan Green, and the Friends of the Blue Tier urge the government to acknowledge the urgency of the situation likewise and authorize the Public Land Use Inquiry and moratorium process.'

'The other major event to come out of the meeting is that Council will be seeking legal opinion re the possibility of an Environment Protection Notice being served against the forestry operations,' Ms Nicklason said.

'Today’s Council meeting was a triumph for community concern being translated into local government action and demonstrated once and for all that the Break O'Day Council will not be intimidated into staying quiet about the Blue Tier, but will exhaust all options available to protect this unique cultural area which has so much to offer the local economy and community.'

'There was a lot of argument this morning of what has or hasn’t been said to Break O'Day council but the most important message that’s come out of today is the message Break O'Day council is sending to Forestry Tasmania and to new Ministers Green, Jackson and to the Acting Premier,' Ms Nicklason said.

That message is 'Please, stop, look and listen to the community.'

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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