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press release 2, 15 april 2004

82 Year Old Citizen of the Year The First Arrested On The Blue Tier

The Break O'Day Citizen of the Year, Mr Denny Walter (82) was arrested at approximately 3 pm this afternoon at the historic Anchor Road coupe along with local Waterwatch member Beris Hansberry and Friends of the Blue Tier spokesperson Lesley Nicklason.

Lesley Nicklason said that the Community Information camp was being dismantled and that Forestry Tasmania had employed private security guards to man roadblocks on the Groom River Bridge, the Lottah Road and the Anchor Road, effectively creating an enormous no-go zone on public land, preventing access to a number of historic sites which have nothing to do with the Anchor Road coupe.

'We hoped against hope that things had changed. As dubious as we were, we were prepared to support the Forestry Tourism protocol. We have been at pains to create a pathway of dialogue and community representation to highlight the love this community has for the Blue Tier and we have been excluded, arrested and removed by force,' Ms Nicklason said.

'We also found out today that Forestry Tasmania have had an exclusion zone in place since March 1st 2004 which means that Bass District Forester Steve Manson and Gunns boss John Gay have both been inside this exclusion zone area.'

Break O'Day resident Denny Walter said that he was proud to be arrested as a Friend of the Blue Tier and that he was also proud to be arrested protecting the water catchment of his area.

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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