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press release 16 april, 2004

Blue Tier Exclusion Zone Bars Tourists, Locals And Volunteer Groups

Strategic Meeting Today Brings Community Together

The Friends of the Blue Tier and the greater Blue Tier community are holding a strategic planning meeting this morning adjacent to the Anchor Road exclusion zone in the Blue Tier to formulate a plan for the coming months and to continue the scrutiny of the clearfelling operation in the historic area which continues to have questions hanging over it.

Friends of the Blue Tier spokesperson Lesley Nicklason, currently on police bail on a charge of trespass said that a state of martial law now existed in the heart of the community and it was deeply distressing to see such a violent intrusion into an area which has been used by the people for so many generations

'To see private security guards working for Gunns patrolling road blocks which are cutting off access to tourists into the heart of the Blue Tier is very distressing,' Ms Nicklason said

'Greater Goshen Water Watch has been testing the water here for the past five years and they have been informed that they are now barred from continuing those tests which would seem to be more important now than ever.'

'This is not how country communities operate. We are proud of the Blue Tier and the St Helens History Room and our group have promoted the area along with others to the point that thousands of tourists are visiting each year.'

'What will they think of Tasmania when they want to visit the Anchor Stampers, or the Duco or Don mines or do the Crystal Creek walk and are turned back by security guards?'

'I heard FT’s General manager of operations, Kim Creak, last night state that the coupe was way away from any tourist routes. Well, the Anchor Road coupe is on the Anchor Road which is used constantly by operators and it just shows how little research has been done by Forestry Tasmania and the government into the reality of the vibrant Blue Tier tourist area.'

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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