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press release 2, 19 april, 2004

Two Arrested On ‘Illegal’ Lottah Road

But Who Is Really Breaking The Law?

Two members of the Friends of the Blue Tier were arrested at 12.15 pm this afternoon on the Lottah Road on the Blue Tier, protesting at the illegal status of the Lottah Road as it is in clear breach of Forest Practices Code, with one section measuring barely 3.4 metres wide, a clear contradiction of the minimum width of a minor cartage route which is 3.7m under the Forest Practices Code

Tom Millen, spokesperson for the Friends of the Blue Tier Launceston, who has worked tirelessly on the Blue Tier campaign and Sylvia Gray from Binalong Bay who has been involved in both the Lake Pedder and Franklin dam campaigns, were both arrested

'We are not the ones committing an illegal act here today. The Forest Practices Board is the one in breach of regulations here,' Mr. Millen said.

\We hear so much about ‘best practice’ forestry but it is a farce,' Mr Millen said.

'On March 18 we wrote to the Chief Forest Practices Officer, Mr. Graeme Wilkinson alerting him to the breach and requesting a formal investigation. He has in no way responded to that specific request and so we have no choice but to protest as loudly as we can.'

'The Forest Practices Code is worthless and if we see no action from the Forest Practices Board over this it shows they serve no purpose.'

Sylvia Gray has been involved with the environmental movement for over thirty years and said it is the next generation that will judge us.

'I feel we must stand up. I’ve walked these forests and they are magnificent and we must let generations to come experience them,' Ms Gray said.

'I was involved with the Lake Pedder campaign and I was there at the Franklin and I am here now defending the forests of the Blue Tier because I believe strongly that we have no idea what we are destroying.'

Spokesperson Lesley Nicklason said that the group would continue to highlight the illegal status of the road and the inaction of the Forest Practices Board.

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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