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press release, 22 april, 2004

Clearfelling begins on the Blue Tier

More people arrested as log trucks roll off the Tier

After more than 2 years of intensive campaigning to have the Blue Tier area protected and classified a Nature Recreation Area the first loaded log truck left the area yesterday. Clearfelling has begun in the 55 hectare coupe off Anchor Road. The coupe contains 2 streams, which are part of the last intact catchment of the George River. Break O’Day community members have lobbied to protect their water supply and have been left feeling powerless following Forestry Tasmania's decision to go ahead with the clearfelling despite Break O’Day Councils unanimous vote to pursue a Public Land Use Inquiry into the area.

Break O'Day ratepayers Dr. John Ball and his wife Caroline have visited the area regularly over the past 40 years and were devastated to discover that logging had commenced. The pair was arrested today when they entered the area. Also arrested was Sandy Tiffin, another regular visitor to the area.

'We take getting arrested very seriously and do not do this lightly but we believe the time has come when people must make a stand,' said Mrs. Ball. 'It appears our voices have not been heard – so we must be seen,' added Dr. Ball.

Friends of the Blue Tier continue their vigil on the Blue Tier, providing information to the many locals and tourists visiting the area.

STOP PRESS ..... the white wombat that had been sighted earlier this month in the coupe was today discovered dead on the logging road by Friend of the Blue Tier Frances Coghlan. 'Its home had been destroyed and it had been run over as it had attempted to escape,' said a distressed Mrs. Coghlan of Weldborough.

Further information/comment/update ..... phone Lesley Nicklason 63736195 or 0400557418

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