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press release, 4 May, 2004

Outrage From Indigenous Community At Blue Tier Destruction

Two More Arrested As last resort At Anchor Road Coupe

Friends of the Blue Tier have ramped up their action at the Anchor Road coupe in the state's north east with two more high profile arrests happening this morning, Gloria Andrews, an aboriginal Tasmanian and local historian and Sharlene King, a member of East Coast wildlife rescue service.

Gloria Andrews said that as an aboriginal Tasmanian, the destruction occurring on the Blue Tier went against every fibre of her being and she was outraged that a place that held such significance was being treated with such disrespect.

'I am doing this for my aboriginal heritage. The Blue Tier is part of who I am and this Anchor Road is part of my journey to the Blue Tier,' Ms Andrews said.

'I am shut out and denied access to this special place, a place which I have a special connection to and I am showing my outrage in being arrested here. No one wants to have to do this but we have no choice,' Ms Andrews said.

Wildlife rescuer, Sharlene King, who is currently looking after two injured Joeys, was also arrested in an area, which she said had enormous significance for wildlife in the area.

'The Blue Tier is one of the few places in the north east where the Tasmanian Devil is still surviving and yet they are smashing the eco-system and preparing to burn it to the ground,' Ms King said.

'We have already seen the death of the White Wombat, killed, fleeing from the demolition of it’s home and I wonder how many other native animals are suffering injury and stress through this assault on their habitat. This can’t go on.'

Friends of the Blue Tier spokesperson Lesley Nicklason said that it was a tragedy that members of the community were having to break the law, but when exclusion zones and security guards were brought in to enforce destruction of the water catchment and the environment then it was clear that the system was wrong, not the people.

For further information contact Lesley Nicklason 6373 6195 or 0400 557 418

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