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[We welcome and encourage messages of support from like-minded souls who are appalled at the wanton destruction of native forest and its defenseless inhabitants on the Blue Tier. Please e-mail your messages.]

#9 - As a person who lives in NSW but whose second home is now the very small town of Weldborough at the foot of the Blue Tier I am discovering more about the Blue Tier every time I visit. It is a magical, beautiful area with rivers and waterfalls, ancient trees, forests of tree ferns, mosses, fungi and is home to so much wildlife. This area is a treasure that must be protected and not destroyed by government backed logging or removal of tree ferns again sanctioned by the Tasmanian government. The Blue Tier wilderness is a unique asset and these forests are worth more standing.
Mel (Newcastle NSW) - 2023/05/27

#8 - Ella & I had a serendipitous encounter with two absolutely wonderful women who were quietly making good the walking track for visitors to Halls Falls & the rock-pools.
Having just returned from a (far to brief & accidental) visit to Blue Tier, we enjoyed their company, local knowledge, dedication and above all ... passion.
Their view of any one industry was not scathing. Their information was a balanced and sensitive appraisal of a situation where economy, environment, history and culture unite.
The environment in the NE Tasmanian region is rare and precious and thank goodness people are prepared to stand out and fight for its preservation ... on every level.
I really hope to meet these two again.
Kate MacRae - 2015/01/27

#7 - Hello, i receive news letters from Huon Valley and that night, i discover your site because i'm learning about liverworts ... Your site is a marvellous site and i want to say it to friends! I love Tasmania! When i could, i should go and visit yout pluvial primary forests without Gunn's Ltd and TA ANN, i hope!!!!! You know in Bible, it's written something like you cannot adore 2 masters together , mamôn or G-D ... But now a few people have chosen, they idolize mamôn the gold and they become very rich and important people ... They are destructive men. We have to be very clever and linked together to fight and win. We also can pray the Lord to help us in this fight to protect our (His) planet!
Marie Huot, french mother - 2012/02/03
[ original & unedited :) ]

#6 - G'day to everyone in the Blue Tier campaign,
I have just been on the website and looked at the photos of the suikinkutsu. I love it! What a wonderful, positive addition to the beautiful Blue Tier! It reflects the indomitable spirit of all of you good people. Keep up the good fight to save the Tiers. I am currently in Vietnam where there is dreadful environmental damage but also rich cultural and spiritual sites, the existence of some saving areas from further development or destruction. When the voice of reason is finally heard on the Blue Tier, the suikinkutsu will have contributed to the end of logging and added another layer to the cultural wealth of North East Tassie. I look forward to the next creative venture.
Love to all
Chris Haas, Vietnam - 2006/01/30

#5 -Also watched Giants of the Forest, can't believe what I saw.
How can someone think that they have the right to destroy living things that we will never get back in our lifetime, or our children's children - for profit.
Murdering animals with poison, where is the R.S.P.C.A.?
Have wanted to go to Tassie on holidays, maybe I'll just go to Sydney - no trees there either!!
Loved the Blue Tier song, why is it not on the radio. I'm sure that if more people knew about this we could stop it.
The people I have told find it hard to believe that this could be happening in Australia.
best wishes to all involved in the protest, hang in there people.
Susan Chambers, Taree - 2006/01/05

#4 - We watched the Giants of the Forest special on TV today and we support any action to save any of the Giant old trees - come to think of it, all of the trees they intend to clear. We don't own these trees; they belong to the earth.
Makeham/Conway Family, Wagga Wagga - 2005/12/31

#3 - All of us living in Tasmania share the same faith with all of you that we must work together to conserve this beautiful forest. We declare that we will keep on supporting and cooperating with your actions, and that we will communicate to others after going back to our homeland, we understand the aim of your actions, and will not forget this experience."
Japanese students, Hobart, Australia - 2004/06/20

#2 - I read the articles at the site. Please give my words of support to these brave people. It may seem strange that someone situated geographically as far as here in Russia wants to support protesters on Tasmania, but the problem you face looks way too familiar to us too - many unique places were wiped out clean from the map of Russia only because of some oligarch's money interests. It's a very small and very fragile world, destroying it is easy but recovering is unfortunately slow and difficult and sometimes impossible. I don't know whether my voice can make any difference, but I join your protest and say "NO" to cutting down of the forests on Tasmania!
I. Semyonova, Moscow, Russia - 2004/05/31

#1 - I had the pleasure of visiting the Lottah region nearly 10 years ago, and the pristine beauty of the area is still fresh in my memory. I can remember the crispness of the air, the lingering scent of eucalyptus, and the resplendent wildlife that did not demonstrate the anxiousness common to animals that have been threatened by adverse human interaction. My fondest memory is that of sitting quietly in the grass at dusk to watch a platypus begin its day at the Marie Louise Dam. What a peaceful and rare experience. It is my hope that the hills of Blue Tier will be protected so that our children will have the opportunity to be touched by this ecological jewel.
Dr. Darlene Lim, NASA Ames Research Center, USA - 2004/05/24

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