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save the Blue Tier

ue wo muite arukou

japanese visitors

Friends of the Blue Tier hosted a group of Japanese students from Hobart accompanied by Dr. K. Kato to a barbecue on 20th June 2004 at the Lottah base camp. Guests sang two Japanese songs for the locals, first of which was the nostalgic 'Ue wo muite arukou', Kyu Sakamoto's early 60's hit composed by Hachidai Nakamura with lyrics by Rokusuke Ei that topped the US charts and probably elsewhere as well. It begins with:

ue wo muite arukou
namida ga koborenai you ni
omoidasu haru no hi
hitori bocchi no yoru

Let's walk to look at the sky
To keep the tears from my eyes.
I remember the day in the spring
The night I was alone.

They presented Friends with a lantern and a framed statement in support of their stand against clearfelling on the Blue Tier. Friends reciprocated with the gift of a poster of moss covered myrtle tree trunks.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that 'foreigners' have more of a vested interest in Tasmania's future than the bozos in for a quick buck. sequel and the dedication.

nihonngo [click on images for larger versions]

  of Japanese students singing

Japanese students from Hobart singing for the Friends of the Blue Tier.
From left: Masakazu Asai, Tempei Miyaji, Eri Uchiyama, Tatsuro Amano, Ohshu Hayashi, Yoko Sadamoto, Kiyoshi Sasaki, Jun Kobayashi, Keisuke Hattori and Shoko Tagawa.

  of the presentation

Here are Keisuke Hattori and Kiyoshi Sasaki posing with the lantern and the framed statement which will have a permanent home in the St. Helens History Room.
(that's smoke from the barbie in the foreground)


"We Japanese students visiting the Blue Tier recognize that this forest is an important part of the lives of the community and also that it is of extraordinary cultural, ecological value. At the same time we understood that the forest is facing the danger of destruction because of logging.

We recognize that the actions by all members of the "Friends of the Blue Tier" are meaningful and indispensable in helping to create sustainable relationship between native and community life. As humankind living in the 21st century, it is our responsibility to conserve and hand this existing environment to the next generation.

Recognizing the value of this experience we believe what we can do is to tell people about what is happening here, by increasing public knowledge and awareness of this serious present situation of the Blue Tier forest. This is our responsibility also.

All of us living in Tasmania share the same faith with all of you that we must work together to conserve this beautiful forest. We declare that we will keep on supporting and cooperating with your actions, and that we will communicate to others after going back to our homeland, we understand the aim of your actions, and will not forget this experience."

20th June, 2004

friend of the blue tier fran coghlan has responded with:

Dear Japanese brothers and sisters,

Thank you for spending the time thinking of ways to support us in the protection of the Blue Tier!
Thank you for spending the time to put together the Princess Mononoke DVD afternoon in St. Marys!
Thank you for your sewing efforts in the creation of the Kodamas.

Friends of the Blue Tier are encouraged, inspired, heartened and joyful to know that young Japanese people cherish the rainforest, will do something physical and positve to stand beside us in our desire to see this area preserved for the future of our planet.

The marvel that is our modern life, internet, DVD etc. allows us to touch each other heart to heart - I send you my thoughts and would like you to know that each time I think of the Kodama Day I smile, and smile and smile - it was a delight to treasure and remember!! Thank you, each and every one of you.

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