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japanese dedication ceremony

eminent japanese conservationist visits blue tier camp - 2004/11/28

Group photo near land

Posing in front of the newly dedicated land with plaque in background: Prof. Makita, Hideki Okubo, Yoko Sadamoto, Steve Cameron, Shoko Tagawa, Eri Uchiyama, Beris Hansberry, Chiyuki Yomoda, Eriko Ota, and Haruka Suzuki

Friends of the Blue Tier were honoured by a visit from eminent Japanese conservationist Professor Hajime Makita of Hirosaki University, accompanied by Dr. Kumi Kato of Queensland University and our Japanese student friends from Hobart. Makita-Sensei was instrumental in nominating the Shirakami-Sanchi area to WHA status back in 1993.

The main event was the dedication ceremony for the land that Steve Cameron had given to the Japanese, and the unveiling of a plaque that had been erected earlier in the day. Friends of the Blue Tier were presented with a DVD of Princess Mononoke as well as a calligraphed name of the forested land.

After lunch Friends of the Blue Tier accompanied visitors up to the myrtle forest near Mt. Michael and were fortunate to find the waratah in flower.

Prof. Makita was horrified to see the extent of vandalism on recently logged Anchor Road coupe GC134D, and commented that forest practices in Japan fifty years ago were superior to what he saw here today. So much for 'world's best practice' logging being claimed for Tasmania.

nihonngo[click on images for larger versions]

Prof. makita beside Waratah in flower

Prof. Makita proudly posing beside his first sight of the Tasmanian Waratah, Telopea truncata, which was in glorious bloom upon his visit.

Steve flanked by Shoko and Yoko

Steve displaying the gift of calligraphed name of the forest that was dedicated today. Flanked by Shoko and Yoko.

Posing in front of myrtle tree

St. Marys visitor Lorraine Biggs surrounded by Haruka, Eri, Kumi, Chiyuki and Eriko

Eri feeding wombat friend

On their way home they visited Sharlene King at St. Marys and Eri made a new friend .....

Previous visits on 2004/06/20 and 2004/07/11.

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