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12 November, 2005

Most of the third day was spent constructing the Blue Tier Spiral pattern in mosaic using tiles atop the suikinkutsu. The work was done mainly by Kaye and Beris, with Kumi 'conceptualising the design'.

Meanwhile Nobu and Hide constructed a circular rock path leading to the bottom of the installation. Yesterday's other stalwart, Tony, did not appear until the aroma of sizzling sausages permeated the air at lunchtime, and disappeared shortly afterwards.

It drizzled much of the day creating some problems with muddy tracks but intrepid Des Wingfield came to the rescue by spreading old fern fronds along the path. Somehow a large umbrella appeared and part of the work managed to get done under cover.

A mini-busload of ECHO members arrived in late afternoon but in view of the muddy conditions were advised to wait till the following day to visit their land.

nihonngo [click on images for larger versions]

Nobu and Hide tamping soil between and under rocks to hold them in position.

Steve bringing the large rocks to the site for Nobu and Hide to place in position.

Looks like Des has got himself the supervisor's job here.

Here is Des again spreading fern fronds along the path to prevent muddy tracks.

Kumi 'conceptualising the design' while Kaye and Beris do the hard yakka.

The women were too engrossed in their work to return to camp for a break so the drinks were brought down to the site.

Kaye and Beris working under cover while Steve is positioning a heavy bench in the background.


Nobu admiring the partially constructed Blue Tier spiral that Kaye is working on.

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