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13 November, 2005

The Opening Ceremony was a success and locals as well as visitors totalling around 70 people had a wonderful time.

Tony Goodfellow acted as Master of Ceremonies; short speeches were made by Gloria Andrews (Aboriginal Community), Hideki Okubo (ECHO), Kubo Yoshinobu, Beris Hansberry (Friends of Blue Tier) and Kumi Kato (Co-ordinator), after which there was a ceremonial pouring of water on the suikinkutsu jointly by Nobu, Steve and Hide.

ECHO and Friends of Blue Tier jointly presented Nobu with a testimonial signed by all members present in token appreciation of his contribution to the Kodama Forest. Friends of the Blue Tier then presented him with what wags described as the 'Blue Tier Showbag'.

The running water was then turned on and the Chordwainers provided some music appropriate to the situation.

Congratulatory messages for the occasion were reported from Shoko Tagawa, Kiyoshi Sasaki, Eri Uchiyama and Akira Harada in Japan and gratefully received. ( We have not forgotten you :) )

The crowd adjourned to Blue Tier Camp for lunch as has become the custom at such events with Chordwainers providing more entertainment.

Echo members present were:
Ben Campbell, Tony Goodfellow, Seth van Heystor, Miho Imai, Takahiro Inoue, Tanya Jones, Risa Kasai, Risa Kurosaki, Stan Mitew, Tempei Myaji, Akihiro Nakamura, Hideki Okubo, Rie Saito, Dylan Sheridan and Chinatsu Yahata.

All the Blue Tier regulars were present.

Simon Wearne of StripeyDogTV as well as locals Ben Swanston and Benjamin Dean recorded the event on camera.

nihonngo [click on images for larger versions]

Chewing the cud before the ceremony; Tempei Myaji, Akihiro Nakamura, Seth van Heyster and Stan Mitew

Catriona Scott, Jenny Calder, Ben Campbell, Hideki Okubo and Mark Downie.

Dylan Sheridan, Takahiro Inoue and Rie Saito.

Chinatsu Yahata and Risa Kasai.

Miho Imai and Risa Kurosaki playing on the 'xylophone' on the track down to the water harp.

Gloria Andrews making her speech with MC Tony Goodfellow to her right.

Kubo Yoshinobu (Nobu) being introduced to the audience before making his speech in Japanese to be translated by Hide.


The ceremonial first pouring of water on the suikinkutsu jointly by Hide, Steve and Nobu.

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