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save the Blue Tier

mining on the blue tier

Anchor Mine 'rehabilitation'

iron precipitates?

1. Precipitates (possibly iron) forming along mine seepages, with oil sheen at top left;
this ultimately ends up in the George River system and St Helens water supply

At a meeting between interested parties on 2011/03/01 MRT provided assurances that the mining exploration license over 62 over the Blue Tier would be issued to ACCCGE subject to strict environmental regulations and that neither local residents nor those who depend upon the water would be adversely affected by exploration, and presumably, future mining activities.

Assurances before the event are easy enough to provide but as a measure of how much credence we can place upon these we need go no further than look at how successfully the vacating miners had 'rehabilitated' the Anchor Mine which closed in recent times.

2. Anchor Mine moonscape

3. buried rusting steel

4. lower dam

5. more precipitates


MRT was notified of our concerns, and to its credit sent up a staff member promptly (2011/05/26) to look at the situation. More personnel is expected to come up shortly to study the problems in more detail and hopefully to resolve some of these. We expect they would have something to report in due course.

2011/05/31: We wrote to MRT seeking information on aspects of problems that have arisen at the Anchor Mine.
2011/09/01: We received a report on water quality which we expect to post online shortly.


[All images on this page were taken in 2011; page posted 2011/05/30 and edited subsequently.]

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