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State government has received an application (EL31/2010) for an exploration licence from Australia China Corporation of Coal Geology Engineering P/L (ACCCGE) with an office in Queensland. This application covers an area of 62 sq. kms over the Blue Tier and is for 'metallic minerals and atomic substances'.

Several objections were lodged with MRT and a meeting was held on 2011/03/01 between the contractor representing applicant and objectors, with staff from MRT mediating. Following concessions were extracted from the applicant and MRT:

Anchor Mine Sarcophagus

The Anchor Mine Sarcophagus - what to expect from mining activities on the Blue Tier

New York Times, 2011/03/07
'BEIJING (Reuters) - Countries that have come to depend on China for large amounts of rare earths metals should understand that Beijing has environmental concerns for curtailing exports, the Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said on Monday.'
Solution being to export these 'environmental concerns' to third world regions like Tasmania?

While ACCCGE has not been specific about the minerals they are interested in we can assume that tin (which has surged 653% to $32,347 in ten years to April 2011) and 'rare earths' would be of prime interest. For a pocketful of yuan in government coffers locals may be about to enjoy the privileges mainly confined to the Chinese so far. Following are a few news articles on what we may expect, more to come ...

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